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About the 1818 Society

The 1818 Society was formed in 1978 as the organization of World Bank Group retirees. The Society has traditionally had two main purposes: facilitating contacts among former staff and acting as a liaison with the Bank on matters of concern to retirees such a pensions and health insurance. In addition, it provides opportunities to members for continuing learning, seminars on a variety of subjects of interest to members, social interactions with other members, participation in various active lifestyle activities, and generally remaining connected with fellow alumni and the World Bank.



Membership is open to former staff members (including EDs, Alternates and their staff) who are either receiving a World Bank Group pension or have chosen a deferred pension, and others who had  3 or more years of service, including some pensionable service, in the World Bank Group. Surviving spouses of deceased retirees are invited to become members at no cost. More than 65% of those eligible have become members by paying a one-time membership fee, currently set at $75.00. At present, membership numbers are over 7,000.

Membership application forms can be submitted via email to 1society@worldbank.org.
Application Form

Board of Directors

Anis Dani (President and Chair)
Alison Cave
Dennis de Tray
Susan Dubas
Zoe Kolovou
Soheyla Mahmoudi
Lee Meddin
Maryvonne Plessis-Fraissard
Joyce Rompas
Mark Walker
Eduardo Wallentin


The Society relies on volunteers to organize and manage activities of interest to them. Currently, the activities include: some 11 Thematic Groups on various topics who organize seminars with guest speakers, and gatherings for professional learning; trips and tours to various destinations; hikes in the local DC area; yoga classes; and visits to local places of interest. Members living outside the Washington DC area can organize as “Chapters” of the Society, who arrange periodic get together/activities for their members. Volunteers in the Society are also available to help refer members in need to other members who are willing to volunteer their help through Members Helping Members. The Society issues a quarterly newsletter Quarterly that is available on this website (under “Member Resources”). Members can search the member directory on the website to locate addresses and emails of other members who agree to be listed.

Annual Meetings

Incoming Board Members and Officers