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Join The 1818 Society

The 1818 Society is the association of Alumni of the World Bank Group. Membership is open to staff who:

a) receive a pension from the WBG, or will receive a deferred pension,
b) had at least three years of service in the WBG (with some pensionable services).

To join:

(Please note that the 1818 Society Office is closed because of COVID-19. Thus, until further notice, membership applications should be emailed to 1Society@worldbank.org, and membership fee must be paid by bank transfer to 1818 Society account at BFSFCU. Please email 1society@worldbank.org for any questions.)

  • Please complete the membership form below and send with your fee to the 1818 Society.
  • Pay membership fee of $75.  You can pay by:
    • send check for $75.00 payable to “The 1818 Society” (please include your name and UPI number on the check) and mail it to The 1818 Society, World Bank (MSN MC1-104), 1818 H Street, NW, Washington DC 20433, or by Inter-office mail at MSN MC 1-104, or
    • by cash – drop it off at the office of the 1818 Society, Room # MC1-852

Once your application has been approved and membership fee received, we will enter you in the member database and you will receive an email with instructions on setting your password to be able to access the website.  You should at that time also complete your full profile and, if you wish, enter your Skill Profile to be listed in the searchable Alumni Database.

More information/Questions? Tel: (202) 458-1956 E-mail: 1Society@worldbank.org

Download membership application by clicking  here.