International Treks and Tours

Introduction. Each year the 1818 Society organizes several international which are open to all members of the 1818 Society and their spouse/partner regardless of the members country of residence. Participation in international treks is limited to members of the 1818 Hiking Club and more strenuous treks have more stringent eligibility criteria. Past trips have included Chile/Patagonia, China, Tibetan Autonomous Region (China), Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Georgia, Iran, Iceland, Spain, Bhutan, Nepal, and United Kingdom. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic all of the trips planned in 2020 had to be rescheduled, most of them to 2022 and some to 2023. These trips have resumed, subject to availability of vaccines and health and tourism restrictions within the respective countries. 

Rating Scale for trekking trips. To help members select treks that suit their preferences and physical abilities, the 1818 Hiking Club has developed a five-level rating scale — Moderate, Moderately Strenuous, Strenuous, Very Strenuous, Extremely Strenuous — for International treks. Click here to see the details of the Rating ScaleThe scale also helps trip coordinators in determining eligibility of trip participants for proposed international treks by matching their prior experience, skills and physical ability to the difficulty level of each trek on the rating scale.

(for members of 1818 Hiking Club)

Trekking trips proposed for 2023 are listed in chronological order below. Click on the trip name to see descriptions and trip details. 


(this page will be update continuously as new trips become available)

Participation in international tours is open to all members of the 1818 Society, including those residing outside USA. These trips are purposely selected to enable all members to participate, and therefore do not include strenuous, challenging hikes although some of them may include walking options during the trip.

2024 Schedule of International Trekking Trips
2022 Trips: In 2022, we were able to undertake 5/8 of the trips originally planned for 2020: