Appointment of Core Members of the 1818 Society Pension Committee

At the 1818 Society Board Meeting on November 16, 2022, in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the Pension Committee (PC), the Board of Directors approved the appointment of the following candidates as PC Core Members for a two-year term:

  1. Christian Grossman
  2. Deane Jordan
  3. Debra Lynn Perry
  4. Eric Nothman
  5. Fred Wright
  6. Javed Hamid
  7. Sandor Sipos
  8. Van Pulley

These PC Members will join Lee Meddin on the Core Committee, who will continue as chair of the Pension Committee for one more year. The PC has five (5) members from the Gross Plan, and four (4) members from the Net Plan.

The Board agreed that Dirk Mattheisen, as former PC Chair, would be an ex officio member of the Pension Committee; Kenneth Lay and Sanjivi Rajasingham, respectively Pension Finance Committee (PFC) Retiree Representative and PFC Retiree Alternate, as well as Zoe Kolovou,  Pension Benefits Administration Committee, Retiree Alternate, would also be ex officio members of the Pension Committee.