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Motion for the 1818 Annual Meeting Submitted by Morallina Fanwar George, Rachel McColgan, Paul M Cadario and Guillermo Almada

  • Whereas the 1818 Society was created in 1979 as a social organization with registration as a 501(c)7under the IRS code
  • Whereas during its history, the Society (approximately 7,000 dues-paying members) former WorldBank Group (WBG) staff, have come to see the society as a valued and informed intermediary withthe WBG management for discussion of the Staff Retirement Plan (SRP) and retiree health benefits
  • Whereas the By-laws and election procedures have been changed and evolved during the society’shistory but may no longer reflect the needs of a modern, diverse, and geographically dispersedalumni cohort or represent best practices that are inclusive and suitable for volunteer-runorganizations
  • Whereas 2014 Election Reform Group to modernize the Society’s election processes was notconsidered by the full membership and led to little substantive change
  • Whereas several members have raised concerns about the recent election of officers and its president(announced June 30, 2021)
  • And whereas the recent processes of nominating the president [and subsequent communications withthe membership] have brought to light areas of the By-laws and election procedures that have gaps orwhich may no longer reflect good practices for a transparent, inclusive, and modern organization

Therefore, be it resolved that:

the new 1818 Society board shall create, no later than November 25, 2021, an independent Task Force/Committee of seven member volunteers, charged with reviewing the current By-laws and, in particular, those relating to the processes for election, books and record keeping and reporting, and the financial and activity reporting of the society. The recommendations should be firmly anchored in the principles of Transparency, Fairness and Inclusion. The Task Force will report back to the membership no later than February 28, 2022 their recommendations for modernizing the society’s governance framework and processes. A final vote of revised By-laws by the membership and immediate implementation following should be expected no later than March 15, 2022

To ensure the full perception of objectivity and independence, be it further resolved that the Task Force should not include: any of the four undersigned, any board members, or any members of any other 1818 Society governance-related committees among its members. The Task Force should have three members 1818 Society members with demonstrated knowledge of and experience in issues of governance, designated by the undersigned, and three members appointed by the incoming board, with a chair (seventh member) to be agreed and appointed by the six members.

Drafted by the undersigned incorporating feedback from many other members: Morallina Fanwar George, Rachel McColgan, Paul M Cadario, Guillermo Almada