M2M Community Hub

This week we launched the Beta version of the Member to Member (M2M) Community Hub.  The Community Hub is a notice board for members to post individual announcements based on their interests and personal experience. After logging in to the Society’s website look for M2M Community Hub in the gold menu bar.  Any member can create and post an announcement under the different categories available. However, to maintain our non-profit status the Community Hub may not be used for commercial activities or personal gain.

Want to Post an Announcement? Click on “Create a Post”. On the next screen choose the category from the drop-down menu which matches your post, then enter the title which will appear in Bold when you submit the post. In the box for “Post Content” enter the text of your post. Click the Captcha button at the bottom to confirm that the post was created by a person, not by a computer bot, and click the SUBMIT button. Your name and email address will be added automatically from the member’s directory. If you want to add your phone number you should include it at the end of the Content box. If you are posting on behalf of someone else add their name and contact email or phone number within the Content box. Go to the M2M Community Hub page to review your post. You may Edit the post if you need to.

Want to View Posts? Click on “View All Posts” or click on the category name to see posts within each category. The number below each category indicates how many posts are available.

Use the Community Hub to add more fun to your retirement lifestyle. Try a new activity, reconnect with old friends or make new ones, volunteer, take in cultural events, or travel with your colleagues.  Click here to enter the M2M Community Hub.

Questions/Comments? Contact us at TechHelp@wbgalumni.org