Improvements in CIGNA International Reimbursements

HR has informed the 1818 Society and retirees and ex-staff that are still being reimbursed through the country office payroll system of improvements on the reimbursement process. CIGNA can now make payments to members’ accounts directly in many markets apart from Russia and Belarus, where they still can’t make payments. Starting May 1st, HR will require all retirees on the CIGNA international plan, including retirees not receiving a pension, to register their banking details with CIGNA. This change will allow CIGNA to deposit reimbursements directly to their accounts which is faster than the current process. The process can also be used by most retirees that are being reimbursed by CIGNA though mailed checks.

What does this mean for you? Starting May 1, 2023, all claim reimbursements will be directly deposited to your personal bank account once you register your bank accounts on the CIGNA portal. The direct deposit will mean a faster turnaround for the claim reimbursement and quicker access to funds by the member.

Next steps: What should you do, and how will the process work? If you are on the CIGNA International health insurance plan and want to be reimbursed directly through your bank account you are REQUIRED to log in to your Cigna member portal or use the CIGNA mobile app to update your personal banking details by April 15th. On or after April 30th, the CIGNA portal will automatically prompt you to update your banking details to submit your claims if you have not done so. When you submit your medical claims online, your reimbursement will be deposited to your updated bank account.

Medical claims are reimbursed based on your payroll currency, and the medical plan will cover the banking fees incurred from the sending bank when CIGNA initiates the claims reimbursement. You will be responsible for other transfer fees that may be charged by the receiving bank, if any.
Should you have any questions, please reach out directly to