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ART Show: Creative Stories of Resilience: Enduring, Adapting, Thriving

In partnership with the Bank Group’s Art Program, the newly-established Art Club of the 1818 Society (See Summer Edition of the 1818 Society Quaterly, p.3, in message of the President), invites you to participate in two forthcoming exhibitions:

  1. A multi-media virtual exhibition Creative Stories of Resilience. Submissions can include visual art (images of paintings, drawings, sculpture, etc), photography, music, poetry, short stories, videos, and inspiring quotes.
  2. Make flower(s) to be part of a large community art installation at headquarters and several field offices, celebrating spring, and a return to the office, and our community . Flowers can be made of crochet, paper, fabric, and other mediums


The deadline for submissions for the two exhibits is September 9, 2022.

Click here to view/download the details.