Appointment of Core Members of the 1818 Society Health Insurance Committee

At the 1818 Society Board Meeting on November 16, 2022, in accordance with the Terms of Reference of the Health Insurance Committee (HIC), the Board of Directors approved the appointment of the following candidates as HIC Core Members for a two-year term:

  1. Armin Fidler
  2. Jacqueline den Otter
  3. James Harrison
  4. Katia Tabash
  5. Livia Benvenides
  6. Lorraine Lynch Nagy
  7. Morallina George
  8. Negar Rafikian (Appointed in January 2023)

These HIC Members will join Eduardo Wallentin on the Core Committee, who will continue as HIC chair for one more year. The HIC now includes two (2) members from CIGNA International, and has one member from RMIP2 and one from RBMP.